At Lets Work we have vacancies suited for all types of industrial, commercial, construction, driving and logistics work.

You may be looking for a career move or simply to find additional income from a flexible position that fits in with your lifestyle.

Whatever your situation we will do our best to help you. You should also keep in mind that literally thousands of people that we place with our clients each year on a temporary basis go on to be offered direct and permanent employment which is great.

Temping can be a great way to find an employer where you enjoy the position, the culture and the people you share your day with to get an idea of how it will be long term from where you can then pursue your desired career. 

If you are interested in a role please send us your CV along with the role or sector you are interested in highlighting any relevant experience at [email protected] or call us for further information or for a chat.

What our candidates are saying

"I have had many calls from recruitment agencies with jobs that I would never be interested in, this was different. Lets Work found me a job that perfectly matched my past experience and career aspirations. If I could have dreamt up my next move, it would have been the one they found for me. They recognised my skills, knowledge and experience and gave me the confidence to apply for a high calibre company. It was great to have someone who was there every step of the way who was approachable, positive and motivating. It’s always best to have a second opinion from people you can trust. Thanks for everything Lets Work."

Jane  Brown - Logistics Manager